Monday, September 20, 2010

Someone Has to Fill the Vacuum to Lead the World to Prosperity

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When creating this site, I originally had it titled using the term "world leader". Leading is similar to guiding as this is my purpose. However, the word "leader" could invoke psychological dissatisfaction in thinking my motivations would be as theirs would be had it been them who would make such a pronouncement. Being a world leader or having some other position in life of overseeing is just a job, a job that is suitable for one who has insights and can manage. It should not come with a compensation higher than those who work physically, however, humans distort the values of these differing types of work and places leaders above workers. This notion needs to change to view it as more of a side-by-side relationship where each perform their function for the same shared goal and that is to contribute to society. Actualizing the ego would relax the typical heightened view of leaders. There has been a few leaders in history who did a good job and wanted nothing but to see a well functioning society. But this quality is highly unusual. A good deal of people in high levels of politics are in it for the power and prestige. It's like being a full-time actor with incredible perks.

Now, am I touting myself as wanting to be the leader of all to fill that huge vacuum of ability to do what is necessary to get this world on a track of maturity? NOT AT ALL! Those who are governing us are failures and yet are paid handsomely for ineffectiveness. Someone has to step forward to provide the solutions but it won't be I as it would take an act of God to put me in the position and this is just NOT going to happen. You will be stuck with your ordinary inept leaders and so the onus rests on all of you to push them to do what is required. You are not going to obtain prosperity in any other way. Only once this is accomplished, the appropriate legislation should be in place to have elected leaders who are capable, thus requiring less effort of the public. I hope that people will dispel notions of prosperity that may be of unlimited freedoms and unlimited potential of wealth, as this term relates more to the overall public having prosperity. Concentrating only on the individual without taking society into account can lead to large deviations of one person compared to another and this lends itself to instability and thus away from prosperity for all in society. Throughout the history of man there has been inequities arising from some being much more selfish than others and this tends to cause general unhappiness. Today, with greater intellectual understandings, we still suffer from the same malady of selfishness, with some persons having a million times others. This makes humanity appear immature.

To demonstrate what I think of a position to lead the world, if it was thrown onto me, I would want to stay at home, studying problems, consulting others as needed and/or performing my own research, and then issuing directives and that would be all. I need no spotlight, no formal dinners and will not read from a teleprompter. I would never want to give a speech unless it was to lay out some plain hard facts to the masses explaining why it is imperative for certain changes. Speeches for campaigning, in offering condolences and other such stuff could be performed by any figurehead, as it is understood the public desires a person for whom they can look up to, as if a god but in human form. The ordinary way politics is played is for ego gratification and I will have nothing to do with. I am just so adamantly perturbed by the inability of those in power to govern with meaningful policies. Similarly I see no novel thinking by those whom should if they really were qualified to be in the highest levels of government. There are numerous people outside of government who propose solutions to problems we face but rarely does the public outside of special interest groups have a voice in drafting policies. The general public has a modest degree of influencing topics under consideration for legislation and must rely heavily on the news media to capture its desires. Sometimes media heads may unfairly choose to ignore the public's desire if it's against their personal views and this is especially evident regarding immigration issues. The public has a weak and indirect influence on legislation in its final form. The way in which the public is more powerful in influencing laws are by initiative and initiative and referendum, but the process is slow and requiring a vote. It needs to be stressed that adopting legislation for special interest groups requires no public vote. We are facing today some enormous problems that our overpaid elected leaders can't figure out on their own and so we must now be making our biggest effort ever in directing meaningful legislation.

What do I have to offer? Ideas. Ideas like so many others yet I cover many areas from having been exposed to numerous occupations, from having an interest in a wide variety of areas, able to quickly assess underlying problems, have solid critical thinking skills, excellent with analysis of data, not beholden to any political agenda and furthermore formulate plans based on reason. I also contribute creativity in being able to devise novel approaches to problems.

I have been living my life on the fringe of society, participating little as far as my own desires. My utmost desire is for TRUTH, FAIRNESS, and SENSIBLE decisions in all matters. I stand against greed. This is not about money or popularity. I will not be a face to satisfy lowly psychological needs of humans, but rather, the thought only. And once the necessary programs are underway, I would revert back to my seclusion. No one need even know my name in the future. My name serves only as an identifier to locate this and my other related pages. A name is merely an identifier and not the actual person that no name could adequately describe.

So, unless I am somehow appointed to be the one to lead people out of the doldrums of life as we now know it, all I have to offer are my ideas that come without a charge. A donation would be dandy being I am not getting paid for this while you are probably paying $200K/year for many in government who are failing you.

The sad reality is that we have bozos leading us in all levels of government and is pretty much true around the world. People deserve better yet to be a contender often requires popularity or plenty of monetary backing. Ability is never a prerequisite.

I am giving these ideas for free to the world for active discourse in hopes that prosperity could be achieved. It cannot be expected that ideas in the minds of a few will ever get adopted by legislators nor picked up by the media with minimal effort from a large number of people nor from extensive effort by a few. The plans that I help provide is the smallest component in the overall process of implementation. The next portion is for a large audience to discuss and come up with a fairly shared consensus of how to rectify problems. But still nothing will happen unless the major part of this process is done and that is by the masses putting all their effort possible in pressuring legislators to act. Phone-calling, faxing, emailing, placing ads in newspapers, demonstrating in public places, and in however other ways must be conducted by a large audience else no real good change will happen. As stated above in so many words, just because someone is in power in government, it does not mean they are aptly qualified. It's as if these office holders are getting paid huge salaries with benefits galore but they have to be led by the public for they do not normally identify problems and formulate solutions on their own but rather depend on the public, though most ordinarily special interests pressure legislators to derive at the final legislation and oftentimes this comes with kickbacks.

I see the world is not ready for certain programs that would incite rage in many of those who are capitalism purists but with increasing wealth divide it will be realized and with greater acceptance that some social imposed restraints are necessary.


There is also the need to remedy the world problems.

Our TWO MAJOR PROBLEMS faced in this world are: GREED in its many forms, and EXCESS CHILD BIRTHS which impacts the quality of life. These world maladies will never be fully eliminated but there needs to be legislation that needs to be well crafted that is suitable to accomplish suppressing these problems.

Because of this, someone needs to take charge to show that the end result of new programs will help everyone, even if some may see personal set-backs though the pay-off to live in greater peace should offset meaningless shortcomings. For example, how would a person's lifestyle change in going from having a worth of $10 Billion to just $1 Billion? There is some point of wealth that no one could find good use for in personal expenditures. As far as child births go, it should easily be recognized that with efficiencies through automation necessitates fewer workers to supply all the needed products and services. This is just one component related to population. Other two important aspects are the drain on world resources and space per person, that is, congestion that can impact not just the environment but also the psyche.

To cover greed and child births, there will need to be many facets of these dealt with in various legislation, especially in regards to greed. Money matters encompass so many areas that there needs to be mechanisms to suppress greed and strive for fairness yet not reduced to pure communism.

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